IntoAfrica is a specialized travel agency based in Chile, exclusively focused on the mesmerizing continent of Africa. With a profound passion for adventure, cultural exploration, and the unparalleled beauty of Africa, its owner's mission is to curate extraordinary journeys that transport travelers deep into the heart of this enchanting continent. IntoAfrica serves as the go-to partner for creating unforgettable African adventures, meticulously tailored to individual desires.
In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic-induced hiatus, IntoAfrica embarked on a transformative journey. This involved a rebranding process, a complete overhaul of their website, and the formulation of a dynamic sales and content strategy. The focal point of these endeavors is to empower the website as a sales conversion tool, as opposed to its previous role as a purely informational website.
Color Palette
The initial step entailed the selection of African-inspired colors to create a new color palette.
When designing the website, the focus was placed on optimizing sales and contact conversions. This strategic approach aimed to captivate visitors from the outset, conveying IntoAfrica's unique approach compared to conventional agencies. By doing so, it empowers visitors to make well-informed decisions when reaching out to request a quote, armed with a comprehensive understanding of IntoAfrica's history and the immense value it can offer them.

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